Acquire Property Consultants

“We help people find the right property at the right price.”

—Liz Barclay, Acquire Property Consultants

Our Difference

Put very simply - we work only for you ‘the buyer’.
Our loyalty lies with our buyers which is our greatest difference and the most critical aspect to keep in mind when choosing Acquire Property Consultants to act for you.

We provide our buyers with unbiased advice, strong support and the knowledge that comes with extensive years of property investment and legal training.

There are many real estate agents waiting eagerly to help you sell your property.... but it is not logical to use those same agents when buying a property and expect them to act only in your best interests. Certainly, many of them have the skills to help you, but fundamentally it does not match up.

What Can We Do That You CanNot: 

  • We are privy to properties available for purchase that are not yet actively listed.
  • We can see potential in properties that you may not see.
  • We have professional knowledge of the legal implications of all the negotiation steps.
  • We know about external factors affecting the property market.
  • We make it our mission to know everything that may affect the price of a property.
  • We negotiate objectively on your behalf, as we are not emotionally involved in the purchase.



  • You need to tell us everything you are looking for in a property whether it be for a home, investment or office.
  • You can meet up with us or we can do this by email.
  • We will make sure we understand your requirements and your budget.
  • Once you authorise us to start looking on your behalf we start working.
  • We may just find you the right property in an instant or it may take a little time.


  • We will present to you every week or fortnight a summary of the properties we have considered on your behalf or recommend for close consideration.
  • Once we find a property of interest, we investigate it, inspect it and discuss a purchase with you.
  • We advise you on price and draft offer details for you including any special conditions.
  • We negotiate as hard as we can and to the very best of our ability on your behalf.
  • We seal the deal.


  • We advise you on settlement fees and agents.
  • We assist you with any legal problems that may occur at or before settlement including stamp duty advice.
  • We congratulate you and us on completing the sale.


  • We check with you that you are 100% satisfied with our service and take on any feedback so we can stay very good at what we do.

“We are able to remove a lot of the uncertainty involved in buying property for our clients.”

—Liz Barclay


Elizabeth Barclay commenced her first business in her late teens, then sold it and bought her first development property in her early twenties. She has built and managed an extensive and very successful private property portfolio for the last 35 years. 

Elizabeth has managed many major renovations, landscape projects, developments and property makeovers. These have been achieved for clients and in her personal and family portfolios. This career provided the opportunity to work with leading architects, builders, planners and the staff of local and State Heritage councils.

Having also worked as a lawyer full time for 12 years and part time for many years thereafter, Elizabeth has significant background in legal aspects of property transactions and building contracts. She remains a consultant at lawyers Barclay and Associates of Subiaco.

Elizabeth has substantial legal and practical experience with commercial leasing, including sub-leasing. She recently transformed two offices in a high profile commercial building to increase their leasing potential.

She has extensive experience with short-term lease agreements and consults to several short-term stay operators. Elizabeth is an active member of the Cottesloe Working Committee on Legislation for Short Term Accommodation in WA.